To achieve a more optimal accuracy, the TrueLife CARE Q7 thermometer utilises the technology of infrared ray analysis, allowing it to achieve exceptionally accurate measurements. For this reason, the slightest gust of wind, piece of hair, drop of sweat, skewed angle, as well as distance or location factors may affect measurements to some extent. Therefore, we recommend that you observe the following guidelines:

1. The distance of the thermometer to the measured surface should be 5 - 8 cm.

2. Measure in still and stable conditions. This ensures that the surroundings does not distort the results.

3. Before measuring, make sure that there is no hair that may obstruct the procedure.

4. Always wipe your forehead with a cloth and remove any potential barriers such as make-up or skin cream.

5. The thermometer measures the temperature on the surface of the forehead. Therefore, do not take a measurement immediately after removing something that covered the head or, for example, if a child has been laying on their front.