• To play a lullaby press the melody button. The baby unit will automatically play through the 8 melodies sequentially.

  • To switch to another melody briefly press the push-to-talk button.

  • If you want to play only one lullaby repeatedly, hold the push-to-talk for a few seconds until the parent unit beeps. Although it automatically switches to the next melody, it will play this one repeatedly. To change to a different lullaby, press the push-to-talk button and it will play the next melody on repeat. 

  • If you want the baby unit to play the lullabies sequentially again you must turn both units off and on.

Lullaby volume: The lullaby volume cannot be changed, it is set to a reasonable and pleasant volume that should put the baby or child to sleep quickly. If you really need to lower the volume in some way, we can only recommend partially covering the back of the baby unit, where the speaker is located (e.g. with cloth, cardboard, etc.).