1. Remove the basket from the base.

2. Measure out exactly 200 ml of water using the measuring cup provided and pour it into the base.

3. Place the basket back into the base.

4. Fill the basket with items that are suitable for sterilisation. Before placing the items to be sterilised in the basket, wash them thoroughly in the dishwasher or wash them by hand in hot water with added detergent. Remove any milk residue. Make sure that all parts to be sterilised are completely disassembled. Place items such as bottles in the basket with the opening facing downwards so that they do not fill with water. When sterilising suction cups, take care not to insert the electrical parts of the suction cups into the steriliser. Do not put the items too close together. For sterilisation to be effective, steam must circulate around the items. Never insert metal objects into the sterilizer.

5. Cover the sterilizer with the lid and push the clasps to secure the lid in position.

6. Before sterilizing, check that the microwave is clean and dry, then place the sterilizer in the microwave. If you are using a microwave oven with a grill function for sterilization, do not turn on the grill function. If you have just used the grill function, wait until the microwave has cooled before putting the sterilizer in.

7. Set the appropriate power and time (see the table in the manual "Sterilization time according to microwave power" or read from the FAQ "What power and time to set the microwave to for sterilization?") and turn on the microwave. Never exceed the maximum sterilization time listed in the table.

8. Once the process is complete, open the microwave and wait for the sterilizer to cool down. Only then remove it from the oven using oven gloves. Be careful as hot steam may come out of the microwave oven. Hold the sterilizer flat to avoid spilling hot water on it and place it on a cutting board or any heat-resistant surface.

9. Open the clips and remove the lid.

10. Remove the bottles and other items from the basket. Pull out small items with the included pliers. Be careful as hot steam may come out of the sterilizer and the sterilized items may be very hot. Always wash your hands thoroughly before removing items from the sterilizer.

11. After removing the sterilized items, pour off any remaining water, rinse the base and basket thoroughly and wipe all parts dry.