First, download the TrueLife Smart app. Open the link on your smart device and download and install the app. Once installed, follow the instructions below:

a) Sign up

If you don't have an account on the app yet, register by clicking on the Register button. Select your country/region and fill in your email address. Carefully read the Privacy Policy and check the Agree box. Then press the Retrieve Verification Code button and copy the six-digit code you received in your email inbox. Now set your password (6-20 characters with a combination of letters and numbers) and press the Go to App button.

Note: The code is only valid for 60 seconds. If you have not completed it by then, click the Resubmit button and complete the code again.

 b) Log in with your existing account

If you already have an account in the app, click Sign in with an existing account. Select your country/region, fill in your email address, enter your password and click the Login button.

c) Pair the camera with the app

Connect the power adapter connector to the input on the camera and the adapter to a power outlet. Hold down the reset button on the back of the camera for about 3 seconds (see section PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - Camera (child unit) - point 8. The camera will reset, an audible signal will sound and the status light will start flashing red after a few seconds.

In the application, click on the Add Device button. In the left column, select Baby monitor and click on TrueLife NannyCam R7 Dual Smart. Select Home Wi-Fi (2.4GHz), enter the password for that Wi-Fi, and click Next. 

Note: The app requires access to the location for proper pairing.

Hold the QR code display in front of the camera lens at a distance of 15 to 20 cm. On successful pairing, an audible beep sounds and the camera changes the color of the flashing LED from red to blue. Press the Beep button and wait for the pairing to complete, which you will see in the app. When it is complete, click the Done button. At this point, the camera is ready to use.

Note: When pairing the camera with the app, the camera must be reset and the parent unit will lose the image for approximately 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, the image will automatically be restored and will be available on both the mobile phone and the parent unit.